Basic Hacks and Tips for Tree Houses

Are you considering building a treehouse in your place? Treehouses could be a fulfilling and fun addition to your property for old and young alike. However, there are a lot of things that you should know while planning to construct your own treehouse. Know that this awesome feature will greatly change the tree’s composition it’ll be developed upon. Here are some facts and tips for treehouses: 

Constructing a healthy tree 

It would be best if your proposed treehouse will be constructed on a healthy, injury-free, and disease-free tree. If a tree has injury or disease, it will immediately be disqualified from being utilized. However, you must hire a professional arborist to assess your tree to guarantee that it could safely tolerate the physical requirement to support a treehouse 

It’s preferable to have hardwood trees 

Treehouses are linked to trees using strong bolts that don’t break or bend under typical situations. Although the high loads’ stresses could cause wood tissue to compress, which would make the treehouse to be a failure. It would be safer to utilize hardwood trees like walnut, cherry, and oak trees since these are sturdier and less prone to tissue compression. Softer trees can still possibly be utilized once a lighter tree house design is utilized. Moreover, other trees ought never to be utilized. 

Your tree house’s environmental impact 

treehouse will deliver a lot of environmental impact on a tree. Perhaps the most damaging part of having a treehouse is foot traffic that can compact the soil surrounding the tree. To reduce tree damages, make as few footpaths as much as you can to the treehouse with the help of wood chips and barriers where possible. Moreover, let the guests know to not damage your trees physically with actions like smacking it with another stick or peeling off the bark. Ultimately, be mindful about removing and digging other trees near your tree’s area. You should be careful since the roots of a tree usually extend two to three times beyond out than the branches. 

It’s important to contact a tree specialist to have your tree and location assessed 

If you really want to have a treehouse of your own within your property, it would be recommended if you immediately contact a reliable and professional tree service provider to help you assess your tree and the location you want your treehouse to be placed. They will let you know whether or not a particular tree is a great candidate that can endure the construction of a treehouse. If not, you can ask for other alternatives or some tips on how to further maintain and take care of your trees, just in case they find out that your tree is actually diseased or infected. If you’re still looking for a great tree service near me, you can visit our website or contact us right away by dialing our hotline number or sending us an email to our email address for you to be assisted.  



Where and How Do Ants Infest Your Home?

As soon as you can observe ants in your property, the first thing you might feel would be annoyance or disgust. Also, you will probably be confused about how they did get into your house in the first place. Ants are extremely gritty when it comes to looking for access to anything in your home that can attract them, like moisture or food. They can even utilize even the most minimal openings just to gain access. Here at Allied Pest Control, we will discuss some of the major ways how ants can gain access to your property without even knowing it. 

Walls’ seems 

To guarantee that your home is ventilated well, home construction enables an air exchange between the outside and inside of your home. Meaning, there are tiny gaps along seams in your walls and its other parts, which are just sufficiently big for ants to get into and crawl through. These seams happen once a wall meets the ceiling, floor, and another corner of a wall. Aside from that, seams can be made if the holes have been created in the wall to setup vents, outlets, doors, windows, or other features. Small points of access can be made with utility lines for services like natural gas, electricity, water or cable.  


One of the popular places where ants can gather would be the windows since their frames could rot especially if they are made out of wood. Aside from that, moisture can accumulate on the sill. Given these conditions, ants are attracted to them and then this leads them to get inside. Apparently, open screens and windows enable the ants to get inside. However, similar to what we’ve mentioned above, the window seam where the wall meets it might be massive enough for these insects to get access. You can actually apply caulk and seal these gaps up, which can stop entry. 


A similar seam problem near window frames can also impact doors. Inspect the seal below your door and observe whether there is a huge gap that’s sufficiently big for ants to crawl through. Moreover, this might happen on the sides and at the top. You can also add a door sweep below your door to minimize entry access of the ants and it can also help you save when it comes to your electricity bills. Guarantee to do some home pest inspection especially on doors that you rarely utilize since they can develop cracks and deteriorate, which you might not notice. These cracks enable ants to enter your house easily, however, repairs could help keep up a barrier.  

Foundation gaps 

If your home’s foundation has small spaces, this could possibly enable ants to sneak in below your house. Once your foundation is not made from concrete blocks, ants might work their way in those tiny spaces to enter your home easily. As soon as they get in your home, they can travel below your floor, making it challenging to look for where they come from. 


Reasons to Take Yearly Family Photography

It is simple to get occupied in your daily routines in our busy lives. It can be extremely simple to forget how long it’s been since you’ve had a family photoshoot with all the music lessons, basketball practices, dance classes, and much more. Of course, we are now living in the digital age. People take photos using their smartphones and upload them on their social media account. However, this does not beat the essence of taking professional photoshoot.  

Perhaps it has been years since your family had a professional photo shoot. However, you should know that family photography Thornton is crucial. Here are several reasons why: 

Photos Will Last a Lifetime 

People do not consider having photos taken by a professional since, nowadays, we have Instagram and selfie sticks. We can make our photos a bit more interesting by adding quirky and cute filters. However, this can’t be considered as a professional-looking photo. Expert photographers have a lot of years of training. This means that they have a lot of knowledge about editing, lighting, and posing. Thus, they can make your photos look more professional. Because of the high-quality photos that they can provide, hiring an expert photographer is certainly an investment. Professional photographers provide high-quality albums and photos that are printed on premium ink. Thus, your photos will certainly last a lifetime.  

You’ll Never Know What’s Going to Happen with Life 

We all know that life is unpredictable. You cannot predict what’s going to happen in the future. Our family will change, both through tragedy and trump. You should not wait until it is too late to capture the love that your family has. You should not live your life regretting not having more family photos in your album. 

Document Growth 

Nowadays, our kids are growing up quicker than before. Yearly family photoshoots are an excellent way to see how your kid has grown. With your family photo album, you can watch your kids change from one year to another.  

Saving Memories for Future Generations 

Typically, whenever people have family gatherings (usually during the holidays), the photo albums come out. Family members will then sit around the living room and talk about the memories of their younger years. Of course, these stories will be passed down from one generation to another. For those who don’t know, the history of your family will disappear in as little as 3 generations. The pictures that you use to capture these amazing memories can be saved for your great-grandkids. For them, these pictures are a preview of who their family was.  

Capture Moments 

People are people because of experience. Oftentimes, photos encourage both spiritual and emotional family bonds. An expert family photo placed on the mantle or attached on the wall will remind you of the love in your family. Every time you see that photo, you will remember the time it was being captured. Remembering those precious moments is certainly good for your soul. Whenever you’re down, you can simply sit down and open the photo album of your family.